Information for tenants

Contacting MAS Real Estate

Our trading hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

If you need help with a tenancy-related matter, you can call our office on (08) 9389 8375 during business hours. If the matter is urgent and you require assistance outside of those business hours, refer to the emergency contact numbers below or email a MAS team member at Email Agent

Emergency assistance For an after hours emergency, please call Paul Avon – Smith on 0412 833 121 or if you cant get in contact with Paul please choose the appropriate provider from the contact list below.

  • Plumbing and gas:
    Peake Plumbing (Dane) 0402 349 817
    Phil Johnson Plumbing (leave a message and your call will be returned 9285 8143)
  • Goods Electrical:
    0427 201 209
  • Western Lock Services:
    (08) 9227 6200
  • Glazier:
    Prompt Glass (9330 5555)

Rental payments

Rent must always be paid in advance during the term of your tenancy. Rental payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or per calendar month (provided you specifically request this). If you wish to pay per calendar month, please contact MAS Real Estate to confirm the exact payment amount and we’ll amend our system accordingly.

Rental payments should be direct debited to the MAS Real Estate Trust Account using the unique reference number we give you. To ensure that your rental payments are identified as from you, always use that reference number when making your payments. If you require confirmation of receipt of a payment, please email Email Agent

If you cannot make your rent payments by direct debit, you can pay by bank cheque, personal cheque (allowing enough time for the funds to clear), cash or money order.

If you are unable to make a rental payment on time, please contact MAS Real Estate as soon as possible and prior to the due date, so we can work towards a positive outcome. In such circumstances prompt communication with your property manager is essential; otherwise, a termination notice may be issued.
Electricity, gas, water, telephone, etc.

Unless otherwise stipulated, as a tenant you’re responsible for paying the usage component of all utilities, including gas, water and electricity, along with any optional services you choose to connect, including telephone, cable TV, the internet, etc.

Before moving into your rental property you need to contact both Synergy and Alinta Gas/Kleenheat Gas (if relevant), open an account and notify them of your move-in date. See useful links for contact details.

Accounts with the Water Corporation remain in the property owner’s name and you will be invoiced for your water consumption at your rental property by MAS Real Estate. All payments for water consumption should, like your rental payments, be paid into the MAS Real Estate Trust Account.

Prior to vacating your tenancy, please ensure that you close all your utility and other service supply accounts.

Routine inspections

Throughout your tenancy, MAS Real Estate will conduct routine inspections. You will receive between seven (7) and fourteen (14) days’ notice, in writing, of each inspection date. Inspections are carried out during our normal business hours; that is, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

You’re welcome to be present during a property inspection. However, if you aren’t available we can access the property using our own keys. If a nominated inspection date is unsuitable, please contact MAS Real Estate as soon as possible to arrange an alternative time/date.

Contents insurance

Your personal belongings are not covered by the property owner’s insurance. Therefore, we recommend that you take out your own contents insurance. Please remember that, should any of your belongings be damaged as a result of a building fault, the owner’s insurance will not cover your contents.


The amount of the rental bond an individual tenant pays may vary. However, in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987, an owner/agent cannot ask for more than the equivalent of four (4) weeks’ rent as a bond amount.
Bond refunds

A bond will be refunded provided the following conditions are met:
  • the tenant has fully vacated the property and returned all keys;
  • the property has been inspected and its condition is satisfactory when compared with the in-going property condition report;
  • all monies have been paid, including any amounts owed for water consumption up until the vacating date;
  • if the lease is broken, that the tenant has paid any damages/costs incurred by the owner as a direct result of the lease being terminated early – such as the unexpired portion of the leasing fee, advertising, the final bond inspection, etc.
Pets and pet bonds

No animals are to be kept at a property without the written permission of the agent or owner of the property. The maximum amount that can be charged as a pet bond is $260.00, irrespective of the number of animals kept at the property. This is to cover the cost of fumigation once the property has been vacated.

Amount of notice required for vacating a property

If you want to move out of a property you’re renting on a non-fixed-term lease (a period lease), you must give MAS Real Estate no less than twentyone (21) days’ notice in writing of your intention to vacate.

If you want to break your lease, you must first seek approval from MAS Real Estate and sign a ‘Request for consent to termination during a fixedterm agreement’. You will still be responsible for paying the rent until a new and suitable tenant is found or until the end of the lease agreement (whichever occurs first). You must also pay any damages/costs incurred by the owner as a direct result of the lease being terminated early – such as the unexpired portion of the leasing fee, advertising, the final bond inspection, etc.

Should you require further information on any of the matters outlined above, please contact MAS Real Estate. Alternatively, contact the Department of Commerce advice line on 1300 304 054 or refer to their website.